Criticism and Research

We strongly encourage you to call or visit the library for literary criticism and research. Most of the best resources are not online. However, an Internet search is a useful stage of research. Below we list library databases that can be accessed from home, followed by some good Internet sites. You may also want to query a good search engine.

  • American Authors on the Web by Mitsuharu Matsuoka.
    A compilation of sites on American authors of all types and time periods. Under "General Resources" there's find links to web pages on various topics such as Native American literature, Beat poetry, and more.

  • ClassicNotes and SparkNotes
    Similar to Cliffs Notes study guides, these sites offer analysis and plot summaries for a variety of plays, novels, and poetry, from classical to modern.

  • Gale Literary Index
    You can't access the essays online, but this index covers hundreds of reference books owned by the library. Do a simple author or title search here, then visit the library to read or copy the articles. A real time-saver.

  • GLBTQ Literature
    The Literature section of the online Encyclopedia of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Culture offers dozens of articles on a variety of literary topics.

  • Literary Movements by Donna M. Campbell.
    Offers a valuable study of American literary movements from pre 1620 to 1920. Contains writers' biographies, examples of their work, and a timeline to help put the work in perspective with political and social history.

  • Literary Resources on the Net
    An excellent collection of annotated links to scholarly Web sites. Especially good for English-language literature and for classical and medieval literature.

  • Online Literary Criticism Collection by the Internet Public Library.
    Outstanding site! Contains criticism on authors from Shakespeare to Stephen King. Offers Pathfinders for helping students find information. The Literature Reference section has online texts, mythology, citing electronic resources, and other useful things. By going to IPL Reference Center, you can also gain access to information on Business, Arts, Health, and other topics.