Games to Play Outside

Kids Games - lots of games to play outside or in that don't require electricity, your parents and grandparents probably even remember playing some of these when they were little!

Games to Play Online

PBS Kids - games that tie into public broadcasting's children's programming
   SuperWhy - new reading-skills based game
   Word Girl - a new game based on the new vocabulary-building PBSKids series

Peep and the Big Wide World - great science games for toddlers and pre-schoolers, based on a PBS series

Aplus Math - math games for elementary and middle school students (also printable flashcards and worksheets)
- Alphabet and Reading Games

FunBrain - educational games for children in grades K-8

Dewey Challenge - earn a Dewey Master Medal by correctly answering questions about the Dewey Decimal System (the number system used to arrange Non-Fiction books in most public libraries). This game is provided by the Emerson, New Jersey public school system.

Flash Games by Rooney Design - simple and fun games, many of which are book related (these are great models for the games we hope to create with our gaming program)

Up To Ten - interactive games, create-your-own electronic greeting cards, paint and puzzle activities and more

Word Shoot - a typing game, tagline: "spell fast or die!"

Kaboose - games categorized by age: Pre-K - 11 or 9 - 14. This site is busy with advertisements.

Addicting Games - a huge variety of games, some more child appropriate than others

Line Rider - available through Addicting Games; you draw the course, then play the game

Dress-up and Decoration - Jenny B. Harris Illustration for Children -- create your own picture or print out coloring pages

Houghton Mifflin Education Place - This site is designed to acompany selected textbooks, but the games and activities can be played without the books

Scholastic - Mind expanding games that can be played on their own, but follow themes from popular children's fiction