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  • New Titles from Self-Publishers: April 2014
    Booksellers, publishers, and agents are encouraged to take a look at the following listings of self-published books from authors either waiting to be discovered or with a track record and a following who are doing it on their own.

  • Scratch That Itch
    When Red Phoenix first decided she wanted to try her hand at self-publishing erotic fiction, her husband had his concerns. So did Red.

  • Series Interrupted
    When Avon dropped romance writer Christina Skye?s early paranormal haunted-house series Draycott Abbey in 1999 after seven books and two novellas, she turned to the only men she could for consolation?the Navy SEALs.

  • Telling It Like It Is: Roz Chast
    Roz Chast is grasping for a word, her hands raised as if to catch it between her palms, as she tries to describe what it felt like to have finished her new book, "Can?t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?" (Bloomsbury, May).

  • Suspicious Suicides in Barcelona: PW Talks with Antonio Hill
    In Spanish author Hill?s "The Good Suicides," Insp. Hector Salgado must discover why the employees of Almany Cosmetics are killing themselves, one by one.

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