Nobel Prize Winners PDF Print E-mail

Nobel Prize Laureates

  • Nobel Prize Laureates
    Biographical sketches of every Nobel Prize Laureate from every field: 1901 to the present.

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Arts & Entertainment

  • All Music Guide
    Up to date and detailed biographies of composers, musicians, & musical acts. Coverage from all time periods, genres and styles--from Hildegard von Bingen and Iannis Xenakis to Cisaria Ivora and 50 Cent.

  • Artists' Biographies
    'Choose from more than 16,000 biographies of painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, architects, ceramicists, graphic artists and more, including some 15,000 articles from the award-winning Grove Art Dictionary of Art.'

  • Internet Movie Database
    Comprehensive, ever-expanding database of information about films, filmmakers, film actors, and anyone that has had anything to do with films.

  • PBS Jazz
    'Everyone has a story to tell. Dive into the bios to learn about the lives of nearly 100 premiere artists in the field of Jazz music.' Entries are excerpted from the New Grove Dictionary of Jazz.

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    Detailed biographical sketches of all inductees the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

General Biography Resources PDF Print E-mail
  • Biography
    The official web site for A&E's Biography cable television series. Includes a searchable database of 25,000+ entries, which was used to form the basis of the Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia.

  • Biography Center
    Comprehensive, multi-lingual search guide for biographies of individuals from all over the world.

  • Biografias y Vidas
    Spanish-language biographical resource: 'Nuestra coleccion cuenta con miles de biografias de personajes famosos historicos y actuales.'

  • Buscabiografias
    Comprehensive, Spanish-language biographical resource: '...incluyendo dia a dia biografias para que usted pueda realizar sus consultas de libre acceso. Procuramos en todo momento brindarle un buen servicio con la disponibilidad de casi 10.000 referencias sobre celebridades de todo tipo, desde los primeros pensadores a famosos de rabiosa actualidad.

  • Dead People Server by Laurie D. T. Mann
    A list of celebrities that keeps track of those who have died, as well as those who are still with us, but haven't been heard from in a while. Scroll down for listings. '

  • Nom de Guerre by Mark Samwick
    This site contains the real names of hundreds of celebrities and historical figures. Entries are listed alphabetically by pseudonym and contain brief biographical information.

Music PDF Print E-mail


  • allmusic
    According to its editors, allmusic is 'the most comprehensive music reference source on the planet.' Find biographies and discographies for artists and groups as well as album reviews. Notable is the ability, given an artist, group, or album, to find similar artists, groups, or albums. Note that some site features require registration (free).
  • Essentials of Music
    While the main purpose of this partnership between W. W. Norton & Co. and Sony Classical Music is to promote Sony's Essential Classics series, the site is well known for its in-depth but readable introduction to classical music.
  • Music Links from the Internet Public Library
  • Festival Finder from FestivalFinder Inc.
    Information on more than 1,500 music festivals in North America.
  • Arts & Culture from the Alabama State Council on the Arts.
    This page offers links to music and dance events along with information about other cultural happenings around the state.
  • Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival
    Offers a calendar of events and venues searchable by date, genre, or location as well as directory of sponsors and organizations for this annual event held on the Alabama Gulf Coast.
  • Alabama Music Hall of Fame Information on Hall of Fame inductees, the museum, and evolution of music recording in Muscle Shoals, AL.  Tour and ticket information is provided, as well as maps and directions to the museum.
  • Music Hall of Fame links from the Alabama State Archives Music Hall of Fame.
    Hyperlinks to information on Alabama musicians and their contributions to music.
  • Alabama Jazz and Blues Federation this site offers links to membership, events and musicians.  Links to jazz and blues pages is also provided.
  • Alabama Blues Artists a list of Blues artists who were born or lived in Alabama.  Artist links provide biographical information and discographies, as well as interviews and articles.  Further down the page are a list of links to other blues, jazz and music sites.
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