Forget to return a book on time? No problem.

The library is conducting a trial Overdue Fine Forgiveness period from April 20th until October 20th, 2013. Fines will still appear on your account until waived at the Orange Beach desk. We can only waive fines for Orange Beach cards.

The library gets about 1% of its budget from fines. That 1% is important. Every dollar that is brought in through fines goes right back on the shelf as a book, DVD, or CD. To help support this trial, when fines are waived at the desk, staff will inform the card holder of the amount being waived, and ask for a donation. There will never be any obligation to pay, and unlike fines, donations can be tax deductible.

This project will be closely monitored by library staff, not only to see if the donation amounts are comparable to fines, but to make sure the return rate of books does not change. Please return items on time and donate generously so this will continue!