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What was life really like in German-occupied France during the Second World War?

Douglas Boyd paints the clearest picture yet, using previously unpublished first-person accounts of ordinary men and women who lived through this extraordinary and dangerous time, when a few made fortunes, but most went cold and hungry.
Less than 1 percent of the French were pro-German. Is it pure coincidence that the same percentage actively resisted the Germans despite knowing that, if caught, their husbands, wives and children were considered equally culpable under the brutal Teutonic principle of Sippenhaft - guilt by association?
 Using new, meticulously researched material, Douglas Boyd tells an enthralling and sometimes chilling narrative history of the Occupation, as lived by the French people. It is a record of great heroism and ultimate cruelty.
 Read it and ask yourself, "How would I have reacted, living in Occupied France?" The answer may surprise you.