Fees related to Library Card Accounts

Getting a Library Card - FREE

Replacing a Library Card - $2.00

Overdue Books - $0.10/day

Overdue Audiobooks & Music - $0.50/day

Overdue Videocassettes/DVDs - $0.50/day

Fees for Library Services

Notary Public - FREE. For additional information, please click here.

Faxing - Library staff provide faxing service

* Sending - $2.00/first page, $1.00/each additional page

* Receiving - $1.00/page

Photocopying - The library provides a public access black ink photocopier. Copies are $0.15/page

Printing - The library provides laser jet printers for public printing at the following rates:

* $0.15/page black ink

* $0.50/page color ink

Those who use these printers must pay for every page printed; the library cannot absorb the cost of mis-printed pages. Library staff are available to assist those who need help using our printers.

Scanning - Library staff will scan up to 5 documents per-patron, per-visit for $1.00/page

Public Access Computer Use - FREE

Wireless Internet Access - FREE. For additional information, please click here.